Monday, June 7, 2010

Train Tunnel

So we decided to go investigate this train tunnel that has been a party spot for high school kids as long as I can remember, but local legend says it's haunted by the angry ghost of a Vietnam Vet who used to live in a service room midway through the tunnel.

Things have changed over the last 20 years. Apparently the railroad got tired of all the graffiti and beer bottles. We saw no cameras, and there were plenty of fresh bottles around. We decided to continue, for the sake of science of course.

There it is, right where I'd left it!

Kevin eager to investigate!

He isn't scared of anything so off we go, with him on point.

I didn't think he'd go all the way through, but he's a trooper. We didn't find anything but a lot of graffiti, a lot of rotting timbers and a lot of bottles.
Kevin and I both agree that this tunnel is probably not haunted. But he does want to go back at night to perform a thorough investigation...

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